Halloween Party Planning Guide

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Halloween is just around the corner and we’re gearing up for a monster bash of our own! If you’re planning a Halloween party, today’s blog is chock-full of terrifying tips, frightfully fun activities, and free printables to help you get organized and plan a fabulous event.

First, you’re going to have to come up with a guest list, a date and a venue for your party. Most of us will have our Halloween parties at our homes, which makes that To Do easy to check off our list. Some of us are Halloween-enthusiasts (you know we are!) and might go further with a specific theme like Harry Potter or Murder Mystery Dinner.

Once you have your guest list, your theme and your date you’ll need to create invitations. These days so many people send electronic invitations or create event pages on Facebook. I love the invitations available on Paperless Post and Evite, but I’m also a fan of the good-old-fashion paper invitation. If you’re up for it, here’s a fun Halloween invitation printable that will be sure to impress and terrify your guests.

You’ve sent out the invitations, what’s next? Now it’s time to create your shopping list. This list should include food, beverages, decorations, paper products, trick-or-treat goodies and other supplies you’ll need for your party. If you’re sticking with a theme, keep the food and decorations in line. Check out these fun and creepy recipes to try at your party this year.

With so many kids (and adults) having food allergies and dietary restrictions, it’s always a smart idea to have alternative treats to give away. Here are some great non-food ideas for your trick-or-treaters.

Now it’s time for your costume. Whether you’re a DIY-er or you buy your costume from the Halloween store, here are some great costume ideas for the familybabies, and the DIY-er.

I know that was a lot of information. That’s why we’ve created these free Halloween Party Planning Printables for you to use. It’s got all the details I mentioned above wrapped up in one organized Halloween-themed document. Use the planning checklist to get ready before the party. The party details printable will help you keep all your ideas organized in one place.

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