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Home Organizing

Organizing your space is all about being able to find what you need, when you need it, in a place that makes sense to you. Every closet, cabinet, and surface can be organized to work to the best of its ability with the help of our organizers.

We can:

❈ Help you declutter and let go of unwanted belongings.

❈ Work with you, or independently, to organize any nook and cranny of your space. 

❈ Set up “command centers” to effectively manage mail, school paperwork, bills, etc. 

❈ Organize your photos in a way that allows you to enjoy them. 

❈ Utilize space planning to maximize your floor plan. 

❈ Streamline your storage spaces (attic, basement, garage, etc). 

❈ Create a detailed home inventory (art and wine collections, storage units, jewelry, etc.). 

❈ Train your housekeeping staff to effectively manage your household.

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Closet Design

We are closet design experts that will take your project from an idea to completion. We can work with any closet company to create a design that maximizes your space by focusing on the functionality and flow of your closet. 

We can: 

❈ Assess your wants, needs and personal style to find the right closet system for your space, items and budget. 

❈ Streamline your wardrobe by discarding or consigning unwanted or ill-fitting clothing.

❈ Determine the best organizing products (hangers, drawer dividers, tie/belt racks, etc.) for your project. 

❈ Create categories and a detailed inventory of the items you’ll need space for in your new closet. 

❈ Remove your existing closet system, patch and paint as needed in preparation for the new closet installation.

❈ Manage the purchasing, scheduling, delivery and installation of your new closet.

❈ Organize all of your belongings into the newly designed space.

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Office Organizing

We offer professional organizing and design services for home offices, small businesses, large companies, and non-profits. Whether it’s just for you or for your entire team, we can help you design a workspace that streamlines your processes, keeps you on task and inspires productivity. 

We can: 

❈ Purge any size space and create long-term storage solutions. 

❈ Create a collaborative space for teams by decluttering and creating systems.

❈ Organize your paper by creating filing systems that work for you.

❈ Maximize retail spaces for increased productivity and efficiency. 

❈ Provide digital organizing services for the systemization of tasks and projects.

Check out this studio makeover that we did for Wistia, a Cambridge-based video marketing company!

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Digital Organizing

We help you tackle your digital clutter in order to have a more organized life. We’ll walk you through our step-by-step process and teach you skills and strategies to keep your digital life in check. 

We can: 

❈ Organize all of your passwords into a database that you can easily access on the go.

❈ Declutter your inbox and minimize incoming emails.

❈ Set up your digital calendar and teach you how to share it with friends, family & colleagues.

❈ Help you say goodbye to your file cabinets by using cloud services to go 99% paperless.

❈ Digitally organize all of the tasks in your life in a super simple way.

❈ Consolidate, purge and organize all of your photos so that you can finally enjoy them.

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Move Management

Buying or selling a house, downsizing your space or helping a family member through a life transition can be overwhelming.  We’ll use our system to declutter, organize and efficiently pack your belongings so that you can move into your new home with less stress. On the other end, we can be there to help you maximize and organize your space so that you can start enjoying your new home right away. 

We can: 

❈  Help you to declutter and decide what to take with you. 

❈  Work with your stager/realtor to prepare the house to be staged in a way that’s appealing to the most buyers.

❈ Pack up your home by using our system of inventorying, labeling and assigning boxes to specific rooms in your new home. 

❈ Develop a space plan for each room of your new home.

❈ Schedule and manage cleaners, painters and handymen at your current home and new home to get things in good shape for you to move in or out. 

❈ Get quotes from multiple moving companies and help you make the right choice.

❈ Handle the logistics of an in-state, out-of-state or multi-home move.

❈ Be on-site on move day to handle...everything.

❈ Unpack, setup, and organize your new home.

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Renovation Management

We can work with your contractor or interior designer to manage your project as much or as little as you need. Our fantastic team will work with you to help identify your specific organizational needs, brainstorm ideas for your new space and be sure that nothing about your renovation gets overlooked. 

We can:

❈ Declutter and pack each room of your home that will be undergoing a renovation.

❈ Inventory and manage moving everything into storage for the duration of the renovation.

❈ Collaborate with your interior designer to maximize every inch of your new space.

❈ Design closets and install organizing systems throughout your home. 

❈ Make sure that the contractors never leave a mess for you to come home to and that the house is maintained and secure. 

❈ Coordinate the move back into your home after the renovation. 

❈ Unpack and organize your home so that you can walk into your fresh new space with everything in its place.

Let’s get you organized! 

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