How To Fold Your Laundry

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Often when we look into closets or dressers, we see items shoved into drawers, mismatched socks tossed together, and clothing strewn about like the place has been ransacked. So, how can we make it better, you ask? We have some tried and true methods that will help you properly fold your clothing and keep the endless laundry piles easier to manage.

Try some of our favorite methods when organizing your drawers:

Hotdog/hamburger method – No condiments are necessary for this method! I came up with the name of this method years ago when I was nannying in order to help kiddos remember how to fold and I still use it today with all of my clients and always get a laugh. It’s a super easy folding method to get your kiddos a bit more intrigued to help out. To achieve this method, first think long like a hotdog, folding your clothing vertically in half. Tuck the sleeves behind the fold, and then fold in half again horizontally, just like putting two buns of a hamburger together. We love using it to help maximize space in your drawers or on shelves and it couldn’t be easier.

Click here to see hot to fold with the hotdog/hamburger method.

File method – You may also know this as the Marie Kondo method. We’ve been doing this a lot longer than Ms. Marie! Once you have folded using the hotdog/hamburger method, fold the shirt in half or thirds depending on how large it is. For shirts, start with the collar side. Then let it sit with the split side on the bottom. Now, instead of stacking your articles of clothing one on top of the other, file them front to back. This way you’re also able to see all of your shirts at once rather than shuffling through a pile to find your favorite tee all the way at the bottom. Another option, especially for graphic tees, is to fold each sleeve in toward the center, fold in half, then fold in thirds. Once filed, you will be able to easily identify each top. Once you have mastered that approach, you can color code your tops for extra organization.

Click here to see how to fold with the file method.

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Folding board – Need a tactic to help save time? Try the folding board, just like the ones you see in retail stores. Fold your clothes effortlessly in seconds just by flipping the flaps in the correct direction.

Click here to see how to fold a short sleeve shirt.

Click here to see how to fold a long sleeve shirt.


Here are some helpful ways to fold specific items of clothing:

Underwear – Similar to the filing method, try folding your underwear vertically (hotdog) into thirds, and then horizontal (hamburger) in half. Once they’re folded, stack them front to back in your underwear drawer so you don’t keep wearing the same ones over and over again.

Bras – We like laying bras one behind the other so the cups nuzzle inside each other. This takes up the least amount of space while allowing the bras to maintain their shape. If you don’t have enough room to lay them out, fold them in half and mold the two cups together tucking the straps behind. This can sometimes damage the cups so be careful.

Sweaters – For extra bulky sweaters, try laying the sweater face down onto a flat surface. Then fold the sleeves horizontally behind the sweater until the wrist edge of the sleeve reaches the edge of the sweater. Then fold again horizontally hamburger-style and turn over. Stack them on top of one another. Again, you get bonus points for color coding!

Click here to see how to fold a thin sweater.

Click here to see how to fold a chunky sweater.

Jeans/pants – Most people tend to fold their pants with the pockets visible. This makes the zipper/inseam area get bulky in the fold. Try this instead: Fold your jeans in half, lengthwise, with the back pockets touching each other and the zipper facing to your left. Leaving the top button undone can help it lay flat. Fold the hem up towards the top of the back pocket, and then fold up again and flip over!

Click here to see how to fold jeans/pants.

Now you’re ready to get folding. We guarantee that having neatly folded clothing in your drawers will help you save time when you’re getting ready in the morning. You got this!


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