How To Run A Swap Party

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Now that the invites are out and guests are imminent, here’s how to run your swap party…



There are a couple of ways to go about this process. Some people suggest taking one ticket for every item you bring. If you donate 10 items, you get 10 tickets to take 10 things.


Others like to keep it simple and list a number of items that each person can receive. In terms of who gets to go first, you can keep it structured by having guests take a number and go in that order. While each person takes a turn you can limit the amount of items they take (maybe start with 3 items each) so there’s something left for everyone.


Another method is to provide each person with color coded stickers or dots that have their initials on them to claim their items.



Clothing swaps are most common and easy to organize by renting a garment rack and sorting by clothing type.

If you’re part of the PTA or know a group of other moms, consider having a toy swap. Make sure to include moms with kids of all ages to get a good range of items that can be grouped by age range.

Books, CDs and DVDs can have a short lifespan; if you’ve already read the book or already have the CD downloaded onto your hard drive, consider adding it to the swap. Organize these items by genre, media type, artist, author, etc.

Tastes change. You may have recently renovated or redecorated your living room so consider donating your old décor pillows, blankets, platters, plates or small appliances.



Be careful that your friend Mary who bought you those out of date coasters doesn’t show up. Save yourself and others the embarrassment by knowing who is coming and by being mindful that you don’t re-gift those items in front of them.

What to do with items that nobody wants? Donate them! This is a perfect opportunity to set up an appointment for a Salvation Army or Big Brothers Big Sisters pick up or find your nearest Savers or Goodwill to do a drop off. If you find yourself with extra clothing, consider making an appointment with Dress for Success in Boston or SolutionsWear in Cambridge. SolutionsWear accepts toys in the children’s department called the Children’s Clothing Exchange as well. Now get to it and start swapping!


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