Our Favorite Organizing Products of 2018

As The Little Details wraps up another productive year and prepares for the next one, we look back on the developments, changes, projects, and progress of 2018. We couldn’t accomplish what we do without our great team, amazing clients, and helpful organizing products! After careful consideration, we’ve come up with a list of the products we use and recommend the most to clients. They help make our lives so much easier and more organized, and we hope they do the same for you!


InterDesign bins: These are a must-have in any space where you keep toiletries, snacks, office supplies, or knickknacks of any sort that need corralling. They come in handy in pantries, bathroom cabinets, home offices, and rooms that contain collections of small items. So, they’re ideal for pretty much any room in the house! The clear plastic helps you see the contents, so you don’t have to pull off tops or start removing items to figure out what’s inside.


Time Timer: This one is popular with kids (and their parents and teachers)! It’s a great portable device used for visual time management, particularly for kids and adults who are more visual or lose track of time easily. It helps with timed activities and easy transitions at home as well as in the office or classroom. The red disk gradually vanishes during the countdown, and the optional audio alarm gently beeps when the time is up. Time Timer comes in three fun colors: charcoal, sky blue, and lime green.


Drawer dividers: We use these adjustable drawer dividers with so many of our clients, and even in our own homes! They’re integral to many organizing projects, especially ones that involve kitchen utensils, school and office supplies, and just about anything that is stored in a drawer. They expand and contract to fit a variety of spaces.


Organizing From the Inside Out: This book written by Julie Morgenstern, one of our favorite organizing gurus, has appeared in several of our blog posts, and for good reason! We refer to this as our “organizing bible” and recommend it to our clients who want to get and stay organized when we’re not there. It’s filled with helpful tips and explanations for those wanting a more organized life.


CatchAll: We recently started offering this item in our studio, and it has been a super popular addition. Handmade locally by Tom Clark, the founder of Sola Designs, the CatchAll provides a handy way to hang your accessories, including gloves, socks, belts, scarves and ties. Each handmade CatchAll comes in two sizes (12 and 18 inches), two colors (black and white), and is easily mounted on the wall with adhesive command strips (included).

If any of these products seem like they would help make your life easier, come by The Little Details studio and check out our selection!


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