Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

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Happy holidays y’all! Welcome to the most wonderful time of the year (a little stressful maybe) but still wonderful. Many years ago I passed a church sign that said “the best things in life aren’t things”, how true. The only thing I’m going to preach this holiday season is to consider giving the gift of an experience to someone, rather than a thing. Many studies confirm that humans ultimately prefer to receive experiences rather than things. Items once craved by an individual soon become just part of their everyday life, losing its’ previous luster and desire the more they see it and use it. For example – think about how much you were dying to have the latest iPhone, purse, necklace, tool, etc and months later, it might not have the same value that it had leading up to receiving it. 


So what’s the alternative? Think about how many experiences you can provide someone – both little and big.  Check out these suggestions below and depending on your receiver’s interests, add some of these ideas to your holiday gift list.


For the…

Pampering Prince(ss): Consider this for someone who might need a little extra TLC. Ideas include a gift card for a manicure, pedicure or spa treatment. Not sure where they like to go? Giving a gift card to Groupon allows them to choose from hundreds of different locations to feel like a prince or princess and possibly find someplace new that they like!


Membership Maniac: Do you know of a museum, movie theater, orchestra or sports team that your loved one can’t get enough of? Consider buying them, or even the two of you, a yearlong membership, now that’s a gift that keeps on giving!


Head of the Class: Similar to buying a membership, your town might have tons of offers for class passes whether they’re to a gym, yoga, art class or educational class. Look carefully and there could be something there for both of you – like a cooking class. Talk about some bonding time!


Food Fanatic: What’s more special than a great meal with a loved one?  Whether it’s a free ticket for a home cooked meal, picnic, meal out, bottle of wine, or baked good, these gifts can be super meaningful.  This is a gift that will definitely fill the heart and the tummy!


Adventure Seeker: Now we’re getting to the really good stuff. This could mean a day trip to go leaf peeping together next year, or an all-out cruise to the Caribbean.  This blogger wouldn’t mind doing some zip-lining through the Amazon if any readers are feeling generous. I’m sure someone else you know has mentioned a destination they’re looking to travel to and this could be the right opportunity to make it happen! Bon voyage!


Social Butterfly: This is a good idea for someone who might have a one-time upcoming concert, show or sporting event where you know they would want to have an in. Whether you get them a ticket for themselves, a group, or the two of you, this is your chance to treat someone to a night to remember.


Slightly Disorganized: How about a gift certificate for some organizing help from yours truly!? You can purchase a 1 hour Needs Assessment, a 4 hour organizing session or multiple organizing sessions. We’ve got something for every budget and we’d love to meet your fabulous friends and family that could use a little organizing help in their life. Click here to purchase a gift certificate.


Ho ho hold up! Before giving someone a physical gift, think about this…do they really need more clothing, accessories, stationery or kitchenware? While gifts are always appreciated, you may find that those on your holiday gift list might have a greater appreciation for a gift that won’t add clutter to their lives and at the same time will leave them with a lasting memory. Try it this year and let us know how it goes!


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