How To Organize Your Bulky Winter Clothes

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In case you’ve been living in under a rock, it’s almost winter, it’s cold, and you need to unearth all of those bulky winter clothes of yours, stat! Yes, all of it- hats, gloves, scarves, boots! But how are you supposed to fit it all in your already over-stuffed closets and drawers? Read on for a few helpful tips on how to easily access your winter clothes during the chilly winter season.


Watch your closet space double before your eyes (literally)! Consider switching out all plastic, bulky wooden and scrawny wire dry cleaning hangers for slimline hangers. These suckers will keep your coats and sweaters from slipping off the hangers with their felt grip as well as take up half the space of a bulky plastic or wooden hanger. We like to use Real Simple’s Slimline Hangers from Bed Bath & Beyond. You can buy them in bulk at 50 per box in either black or beige. We suggest sticking to one color for a clean, sleek look. Don’t forget to bring your coupons when purchasing these boxes of hangers at Bed Bath & Beyond!

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For some of us, we’re lucky to have a mudroom designated to hold all of our coats and accessories, for others we’re lucky to have enough space to hang a few of our coats. If you’re having trouble finding space to hold all of your accessories, fear no more! Another shout out to BB&B for carrying the Real Simple 3 Cube Split-Top Bench Storage Unit. This awesome bench not only gives you a place to take your boots on and off, but also provides storage for all of your accessories. Not only are there three separate cubbies where you can store your hats, gloves and scarves but there’s also hidden storage underneath the seat cushions as well where we like to store sunglasses, headphones and shoe cleaning items. You can buy fabric bins for the cubbies also, check them out here. Take that, small spaces!



There are so many ways you can use these! Use the pockets in your closet door hanger to hold all of your winter accessories including hats, gloves, scarves, sunglasses, mini snow scrapers, etc. Even though they’re sold to hold shoes, get creative and use these pockets all year-round. You can even designate 1 row to each of your family members. We love this over the door organizer from The Container Store.

overdoor shoe bag.jpg


Still feeling tight on space? Command those hooks to do their j-o-b. Holding up to 7.5 pounds, you can easily sneak a hook into the inside of your closet or on any wall to quickly access your most often worn accessories. They come in assorted sizes and weight limits, check them out here.

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You can help maximize your space by determining which clothing items should be hung in a closet versus folded. We typically recommend hanging silk, 100% cotton, jackets and dress shirts. Heavy fabrics like wool and cashmere can stretch when hung and cause the item to look stretched out and tired so plan to fold them to help them last longer.

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