7 Tips To Organize Your Furry Friend

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If you have a pet then you already know how important it is to make sure you have everything they need on hand. Whether you’re at home, going for a walk, or taking a long trip, knowing where your furry friends’ supplies are located can save you time, money and a lot of frustration. Keeping track of their food, medicine, toys and grooming supplies can sometimes lead to a messy closet, cabinet or drawer, but we’ve got some great tips for keeping your pets’ things organized. 

1. Designate an eating area
Whether your dog eats in the crate or your cats eat on a mat, having their food area organized can help build a routine around meal times. Maybe you want to hide away the food area when it’s not in use so the area can be used for other things- check out this design. How about creating their own self-contained food station like this one. Check out our Pinterest board for tons of other ideas!

If you have a large amount of pet food try using clear plastic storage bins with flip top lids and wheels, like this. With this type of storage you’ll be able to see how much food is left, the wheels make it easier to move, and the flip top lid can make feeding your pet a lot easier.

2. Create a treat station
Be creative! Take old containers and jars and decorate them to create different treat jars. If you’re into homemade treats for your pets, try labeling the different jars with the specific ingredients in each treat. Check out our Pinterest board for some very creative ideas on how to do this.

3. Keep a toy bin on each floor
You’ll have more time to play with your furry friend rather than running around the house looking for their toys. Use a basket or bin to store the toys when they’re not being played with to keep them all contained and off the floor. Keeping a bin in your car is always a good idea too; when you’re traveling or visiting the vet or groomer you can have toys and treats ready to go.

4. Make a “let’s go for a walk” bag
Fill the bag with all essentials for taking your dog on a walk.
For your pooch: leash, toys (frisbee, ball), treats
For you: water bottle, headphones & iPod, sunscreen, chapstick, umbrella
& don’t forget the waste bags!!!

5. Use a portable grooming kit
Use a storage bin with a handle so it’s easy to carry around. Fill it with all the hygiene products your pet needs:

  • shampoo

  • nail clippers

  • brushes

  • oral hygiene products

  • & don’t forget a few treats to reinforce good behavior!

6. File their paperwork
Your pet is part of your family, so their records should be organized and filed accordingly. It’s so important to know where to find their medical documentation, adoption papers, and vaccinations records. You can create your pets’ own filing system and designate an area for all their papers to live, or you can add a folder for them in your already existing system.

If you travel without your pet regularly, use our Pet Sitting Printable to share all the important information. This can be very helpful for your sitter and can be fun to put together too!

7. Organize their medications
Whether you want to keep their medications in a bin near yours or you have a space near their food and treats, keeping them together is just as important as your own. Make sure to check expiration dates regularly and correctly dispose of all those expired ones. You wouldn’t give your family members old medicine, so why should your dog or cat be any different?

They put the “little” in The Little Details!

They put the “little” in The Little Details!

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