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Although our main focus is organization, design is a large part of what we do. When we help clients with space planning projects, we use a variety of tips, tricks, and techniques we have learned over the years. Today, we’d like to share some of them with you. Some of them can be found on our Pinterest board, while others come from design blogs like mecc interiors. The possibilities are endless when designing your space, so have fun with it!


Let’s start with room layouts.
Most people like being able to visualize the space in a variety of ways before making a final decision. If you have the man power to rearrange the room over and over, go for it! If you don’t or you’d rather not lift the couch five times, try this virtual design program to see your options and play around without breaking your back. While you’re playing around with various layouts, check out these tricks for arranging furniture.

Often, we want to try and fit as much stuff in the space we have as possible. Here are some smart designs that use that otherwise awkward space under your stairs and some beautiful foyer design ideas for your entrance.


Add furniture.
Do you have noisy kids or pets? Or perhaps you live in a building with thin walls and want to protect your neighbors (and yourself) from disruption. Check out this article about sound-reducing furniture. Reclaimed wood has become very popular in design recently and it can really add an extra touch of personality to any space. Some furniture can even act as architecture in your space, take a look at these incredible designs for more ideas.


Decorate the walls.
Why not create the perfect picture wall or check out these height hanging tips to arrange your own wall displays. Maybe you’re in the mood for a fun patterned wall, try this great polka-dot tutorial to add a little pop to your background. Decorating walls with words has become very popular recently as it allows you to express yourself further in your space. Before you choose a color for your space, look over this great diagram explaining how different colors affect our moods. While choosing your color scheme, you can also decide if you want a more intricate design using color blocking.


Add personality.
Once your space is laid out, furniture is in place and walls are painted, it’s time to add some personality. A bookcase can seem like such an easy piece to fill up first. Why not try some of these styling tips when filling the shelves? Did you know there are 7 ways to stack books? We suggest mixing books with decorative items on each shelf so as to not overflow the space and make it look crowded or messy. Speaking of messy, there are so many ways to arrange pillows for a bedroom design. Check out this diagram for more ideas and ways to keep it looking neat and organized.

Quick tips & products.

When designing a space you may find yourself constantly trying to match items to your color scheme. Instead of carrying your paint strip samples around with you all the time why not paint a small dowelwith each color and keep it in your bag or car? That way, when you find that special piece, you can be sure that it won’t clash!

Here are some products that will help you stay organized during your design project.

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  • What’s that paint?! These paint can labels are a fantastic way to organize your paint during a big project! It’s such a pain to try and remember which paint goes on each wall. With their fill-in-the-blank labels you won’t have to remember.

  • Whether you’re moving in, out or just redesigning your space, try these handy room labels to help keep your things organized during the project.

Check out this list of 10 things not to do when designing your space. They aren’t hard and fast rules, but they can be helpful.

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