Does Home Staging Really Make A Difference?

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(This photo is for real! For more hilarious real estate photos, check out

Imagine yourself doing a search for a new home, you plug in the town and a price tag and ta da! The internet provides you with a list of homes with all of your criteria.  A few clicks later you’re staring at a kitchen that has an honest to goodness wishing well over the stove. Seriously! 

This kitchen may conjure up fond memories of your grandma cooking a big family dinner on a Sunday afternoon. Great for you! But now imagine you are a prospective buyer trying to get a sense of this potential dream home. Gaaah! All I can think about is how many layers of grease must be caked on that hideous structure instead of being able to notice the great view to the spacious back yard. Because there’s a wishing well. In the kitchen. Over the stove.

Okay, that’s an extreme way to get my point across- which is that when selling your home, it is crucial to imagine the buyer’s perspective. Amy Troup, a realtor with Molisse Realty Group agrees, “The goal of prepping your house for sale is to make buyers envision themselves living in your space. MOST buyers do not see past the clutter, dirt and peeling paint. This means work to the average buyer. Prepping your home for sale with a stager or organizer will make your marketing photos attractive to a wider range of potential buyers, increase the traffic during open houses and ultimately help you get the best offer you can.”

We are experts when it comes to helping folks imagine their space anew. We can help you declutter, pack away, depersonalize, rearrange, and get your home sold! We stage your home with the furniture you own, use rental staging furniture or a combination of both. We can also help with cosmetic updates that will give your home a fresh look buyers are searching for. Maybe it’s a new chandelier in the dining room or updated hardware on the kitchen cabinets. We know it can be hard to paint over the orange wall in your living room that you meticulously chose but it must be done. Unfortunately, buyers can’t always look past paint and decor that is very style specific. Let us help you make these tough decisions. A little really can go a long way.


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