What's In Your Toolbox?

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I am an avid DIY’er. I’m not always good at it but I try, and I love it when a project comes out the way I envision. When I start any project I make sure I have all the tools I need on hand so I’m not scrambling later on. There’s nothing worse than trying to hold a picture on a wall in the exact place you want it and then realize your pencil is in the other room. There are so many tools and products that you may need for any given project, but there are several that are my go-to’s for every project and I wanted to share them with you. Click on the links below to build your own toolbox.

1. Screwdriver– Flat or Phillips? Never be stuck searching for the correct size and shape again with this handy 10-in-1 multi-bit screwdriver.

2. Level– A mini level is great for most projects and isn’t so cumbersome. More often than not the surface you are working with is never going to be perfect and a crooked picture is the worst!

3. Tape measure– This is an absolute staple. Please don’t try to just “eye it”, accuracy leaves you with fewer holes in your walls.

4. Painters tape– I use this a lot when hanging pictures. If you have a wall that crumbles when you try to tap a picture hanging nail into it, first apply a small strip of tape, measure and mark your spot, then lightly hammer the nail through the tape. The tape helps hold the area around the hanger from breaking. If you have a frame with 2 brackets on the back, run the tape along the width of the frame edge to edge. Mark where the center of each hook is placed on the tape and then place the tape on the wall where you want to hang your picture. Then use your level to balance the piece of tape from side to side. Tap in your hangers and done!

5. Command hooks– These are my BFF’s. I use them for EVERYTHING! Stockings on the fireplace at Christmas, my kids mop and broom are hung on the wall so they can help clean up, any lightweight picture in my house, anywhere that I don’t want to put a hole in a surface. I hate to spackle and sand so the less holes, the better. These are key for temporary items or rentals.

6. Assorted picture hangers– I use these guys a lot! They come in all sizes and really do hold a lot of weight. Just make sure you check the limits before hanging that new mirror.

7. Small claw hammer– This little guy is perfect for light use. You can tap a nail into the wall and if it bends you can flip it around and pull it right out. You can even dig a small hole in your garden using the claw and use the hammer side to put a lid back on a paint can.

8. Electric Cordless drill/driver– I’m not building a house here! I just needed an easy to use drill to help hang some heavier objects. This Black and Decker cordless drill is perfect for small jobs.

9. Magic eraser sponge– Although not technically a tool, this little guy is truly magic. He takes those dirty fingerprints on the fridge handle or around a door knob right off. Scuff marks on floors, walls, and shoes are no longer an eyesore. You want your whole space looking it’s best especially when you are hanging new artwork or blinds. Please make sure you test an inconspicuous area first.

10. WD-40– Again, not a tool per se, but always good to have on hand. Have you ever crept into your kids room to check on them at night, the door creaks and you just freeze hoping you didn’t wake them but then realize you have to close it again? Yup. Just a little squeeze of this will go a long way. It can be used for sticky drawer gliding tracks or key holes as well.

Do you have a go-to tool or home improvement product that you always have in your toolbox? We’d love to hear!


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