Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products


Happy Earth Day! While it’s important to always be kind to our Mother Earth, today is a special day to reflect on ways that we can change our cleaning habits to make an even bigger impact on our planet.

Something that I am always conscious of when taking care of my living space is the cleaning products I’m using. Some of them have harsh chemicals that can be toxic to our environment, others have packaging that cannot be easily recycled. We have compiled a list of our favorite brands. Check them out below! 

1. DIY Cleaning Products: Looking to be eco-friendly AND save money?! Try making your own! The internet is filled with combinations of household items that can be combined to put the squeaky back in clean. Here’s a link for some household cleaning recipes courtesy of Real Simple.

2. Oxyboost: One of of our organizers, Kari, told us about her experience with this product, “I discovered Oxyboost when I was looking for an environmentally friendly laundry solution for the infamous “baby diaper blow out” problem. I would pre-soak my kids clothes in a little scoop of Oxyboost and water. Even the toughest of stains came out. This cleaning product does the job and it’s environmentally friendly to boot. A win-win.” Oxyboost can be purchased


  • Quickly breaks down to naturally-occurring components

  • Made from readily available, naturally occurring raw materials

  • No VOC’s, chlorine or petrochemicals

  • Recyclable, U.S. manufactured packaging

  • No perfumes or dyes

  • Phosphate-free

3. Mrs. Meyers: This company strives to make products safe for you and your family – including your pets! Don’t forget that “eco-friendly cleaning product” doesn’t just mean what’s inside the bottle, but also what the bottle is made of. According to their website, Mrs. Meyers packaging is made up of 25% post-consumer plastic. I especially love their Basil Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner.

4. Seventh Generation: There are no secrets here with Seventh Generation – all the ingredients are listed on their products (not a mandated requirement for cleaning products, FYI). They strive to use as many plant-based products as possible. One of the best parts is that their product list is more than just cleaning products, it includes eco-friendly household goods as well, like their 100% recycled toilet paper.

5. Young Living Essential Oils: There are many reasons to use essential oils (including their Seed to Seal process), you can read our previous blog here to see some of the reasons we love ‘em. One of the many benefits of purchasing essential oils is that they can be used as non-toxic, all-natural household cleaners. Tea tree and lemon essential oil mixed with thieves adds for a great countertop cleaning solution without the harmful chemicals. Adding essential oils to your vacuum filter is another way to gently diffuse a safe and yummy smell throughout your house as you clean.

Want to see how your cleaners stack up? Check this out to see ratings and find out more information. Here’s another great resource for non-toxic solutions. Now go dig out your cleaning products underneath your kitchen sink and re-evaluate what you’re exposing yourself and your family to.


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