Mother’s Day Gifts That Don’t Add Clutter


Mother’s Day is just around the corner– next weekend to be exact! And while we never promote procrastination, here are some clutter-free gift ideas for those last minute gift givers.

Classes/Passes: Let her channel her inner Rachael Ray with a cooking class (for 1 or 2!). Know her favorite yoga studio? Purchase a 10 session class pass! New Year’s Resolution still in the works? Never too late to join a gym! Classes and passes can also include, but are not limited to: art classes, dance classes and local community classes.

Spa Day: Who doesn’t like being pampered? Get the cucumbers ready, pour out some lemon-infused water, and send your momma to the spa. Whether you’re looking to go for an all-out spa day, or a hair flaring blow-out at DryBar, these gifts won’t disappoint. Other fan favorites include a mani/pedi, haircut or massage. Feeling a little light in your wallet? Look into Groupon for some local spa deals.

Subscription Boxes: These seem to be all the rage this year! Look into a monthly subscription of Blue Apron or HelloFresh to help lighten the cooking load by receiving fresh ingredients and meal instructions regularly. Subscriptions can also include magazines (to be recycled or donated after they’re read!), wine of the month clubbook of the month club for our bookworms (we encourage this to be a shared gift, so the books can be appreciated by someone else once completed…pass it on). For those beauty lovers out there, try a monthly subscription to Birchbox where sample sizes of the latest and greatest beauty products can be tried out. Since they are trial-sized, there won’t be any half-used bottles of unwanted products lying around. Right? Clutter free, remember? And my own personal favorite, flower delivery. These services will remind mom how much you care every time that special delivery shows up on the door step. Talk about a great way to make her day!

Experiences: As always, we encourage you to cut down on clutter by giving the gift of a meaningful experience. Having trouble coming up with ideas? Consider exploring locally. Take a trip into Boston, walk around the Boston Public Garden and check out Eataly’s new restaurants and marketplace in the Prudential Center. Consider purchasing tickets to a show or museum, or if you’re feeling crafty, check out an art bar where you can channel your inner Picasso while sipping on some vino. If you aren’t going to hang up your masterpiece, snap a photo and re-gift or donate it. Treat yourselves to the Superlux movie theatre where you can dine while you watch a hit flick and reserve your seats in advance too.

Time: If you haven’t had much time for your loved ones recently, make sure to let them know this day is all about them. Maybe this means going for a family excursion together, taking your mom for a day out, or treating your lady for a day without the kids – don’t forget to schedule the babysitter ahead of time!

Coupon: When I was a youngster, a popular activity as a child was to provide my mom with a homemade coupon book. Coupons included a home cooked meal, laundry/extra chores done for the month, you get the idea. This is a great gift if you’re feeling thrifty or if the kids are looking to contribute. We guarantee that these coupons won’t pass their expiration date!

Services: This is all about having someone else do the work – hire a house cleanerpersonal cheflaundry servicegrocery deliveryphoto digitizing or our favorite…us! Shameless plug: we do have gift certificates available!

To all of the wonderful mother’s out there – Happy Mother’s Day!


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