Five Mistakes To Avoid When Getting Organized

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So, you’ve committed to getting organized. That’s great! Seriously, you deserve some props—deciding to take that first step can be the biggest obstacle to overcome. But before you get too excited and dive right in, make sure that you read the following tips. It’s easy to feel the sudden urge to get ready and go, but we want to make sure you do it right the first time. That way, you’re more likely to succeed, see long-term results, and enjoy the process.

  1. Commit, commit, commit! — Once you’ve selected the space that you want to work on, fully commit to it. It’s easy to feel discouraged or get distracted and change your mind, but stick with it. You can do it! That said, be realistic on where you’re starting. If you only have an hour or two, don’t try to tackle the worst space in your home.


  1. Put your blinders on — When organizing, it can be so easy to get distracted. One common distraction is finding items that belong in a different space than the one you’re working on. For instance, you come across a hair brush in your office and instantly know that’s not where it lives. Sound familiar? Rather than bringing your hairbrush to the bathroom, opening up your bathroom closet, and getting sidetracked in there, fill a labeled bin or bag with any items that don’t belong. Deal with those after you finish your current space to minimize your distractions away from the space.


  1. Organize first, shop second — This is a common mix-up. Many people think that if you buy the bin first, it will automatically make you organized. That is not the case, and it’s actually a big mistake. Until you’ve completely purged the space, you won’t know what product to get that will be the best fit for your items and where it’s going to live.


  1. Done done — There’s a phrase we often use: “Is it done done?” Don’t leave your organized space half-finished. You’ve committed to doing it, so go all the way! When we say “done done,” we’re talking Julie Morgenstern done: Sort, Purge, Assign a home, Containerize, and Equalize (SPACE). If you don’t go all the way, your space will start to creep back to the way it was. Labeling can be incredibly helpful during the process. What’s the point of putting everything in bins and not knowing exactly what belongs in each one? Labeling forces you to categorize what goes in the bin, put the bin away in the right spot, and hold yourself accountable by putting only what belongs inside of it.


  1. Revisit — Let’s not discount your triumphant effort of getting started, but it’s important also to be realistic. Your space isn’t going to maintain itself. Take time daily, weekly, monthly to keep your space in check. Also recognize that even if a system works for some time, it may change. Make sure you make those tweaks as they come before letting yourself go.


Now let’s do it right the first time around. It’s your time to get going! If you’re still feeling stuck, we’re here to help!


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