Multi-Purpose Storage Pieces


At The Little Details, we love using multi-purpose pieces of furniture. For example, a storage ottoman is great for holding blankets, books, toys, and countless other things. Close the lid, and it becomes a comfy foot stool or a place to corral your remotes. We often look for pieces that are used for things other than their intended purpose. Here are a few tried-and-true products we love!


Raskog cart from IKEADo a quick Pinterest search and you will find a myriad of ways to use this cart in every room of the house. From craft supplies to bathroom trolleys, there is no shortage of functions for this product. We’ve used it for kids art supplies (pictured below). It holds everything you need, and the kids can access their own stuff and ALMOST put it back. You can keep it in a closet and roll it out whenever necessary.

Raskog cart art supplies.png

I recently came across an idea (on Pinterest, of course) to use these Urbio Magnetic pieces that stick on the side and provide even more storage.

Then, I decided to dismantle my Raskog and see how easily I could transform it into something more for adults.

Raskog cart liquor.png

First, I went to my liquor cabinet and pulled out a few bottles.

  1. Then I sought out items for mixers like soda, juice, and sour mix.

  2. I put together a little bowl of bar items, including corkscrews and bottle openers.

  3. For good measure, I added a straw dispenser.

  4. You can’t make a good drink without the proper glass, so I pulled out some margarita, martini, and shot glasses.

  5. After some rearranging, I had a bar cart.

For a theme drink cart, you can get matching straws, glasses, and mini umbrellas. I figured if I could use the Raskog for coloring supplies and a drink cart, why not transform it yet again to hold cleaning supplies?

Raskog cart cleaning.png

So I swapped out my tequila for Tilex, and whiskey for Windex. The top shelf was designated for everyday items and paper towls. The second shelf had cloths, sponges, and scrub brushes with a bin full of trash bags. The bottom shelf had less-used supplies such as stainless-steel cleaner, Goo Gone, and Orange Glo. I had a few magnetic hooks and used them to hang a dustpan on one side and towel on the other. If I had a spare spot for this guy in my house, I would’ve gotten a second Raskog!


Industrial Storage Coffee Table from West ElmThis is our next favorite piece of multi-purpose furniture. In a small setting, this beautiful table can double as a desk by day, and a dining table for two by night, which is how one of our clients used it. You can also organize your bills and other important files for a hidden mail center. A friend of mine uses this to craft jewelry. It shines center stage in her living room as its intended coffee table function, but she just lifts the top, grabs her current project from the concealed storage, and sits comfortably at the extended table top.

West Elm wood table.png

If industrial wood style isn’t for you, try this modern white lacquer version. You can also find budget-friendly styles as well like this one at Target.

West Elm white table.png
Target table.png

Trones shoe and storage cabinet from IKEA—This affordable pick of ours comes in a pack of three for about $40. They are made of plastic, but are surprisingly durable and versatile. I have a small space, so I used these instead of a traditional dresser for items like shoes, socks, and underwear. My husband uses his half of the wall for boxers, socks, hats, and a mini file system for bills and correspondence.

Ikea Trones 1.png

You can hang these in any configuration you want in just about any space you need—hallways, bathrooms, and entryways; tall, wide, and asymmetrical. You name it! They are super narrow and take up a minimal amount of space while storing more than you’d expect. Check out this article from Apartment Therapy for some more inspiration.

Ikea Trones 2.png
Ikea Trones 3.png

These are just a few of our picks. Do you have a favorite piece of multi-functional furniture?


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