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When I bought my first house, I moved out of the city to a nearby suburb. I had a huge back yard, garage, nearby park, and 700 square feet to call my own. That’s right, 700 square feet. I am the only person I know who downsized from an apartment to a house. I love my little house, and have figured out some great ways to pack more storage into it. Read on for some tips to make your small space work overtime!


  1. Shoe organizers: Yes! We love these guys so much. They can store seasonal items like hats, gloves, and sunglasses in a coat closet; serve as your first-aid storage for bandages and ointments; and hold toys, arts and crafts supplies, and cleaning products. They can even provide extra pantry storage!


  1. Over-the-door racks: This one from Elfa can be used in your bathroom, kitchen pantry, or laundry room to corral those everyday items like body lotion, spices, and detergent.


  1. Shelves: What about utilizing that unused space above doorways? You can easily mount a shelf and store books, extra toilet paper in the bathroom, kitchen items you don’t use daily, or out-of-season items in decorative baskets.


  1. Rolling storage: Do you have a few inches of space between your fridge and pantry? Use a slimline rolling pantry to store spices, oils, or canned goods. You could try a kitchen cart too. The top serves as extra prep space, and you can store items in drawers or on shelves below.


  1. Ikea Trones: These were designed as shoe storage, but can be used in so many other configurations. Try hanging three in a row to make a landing strip for shoes, hats, and gloves by the door. They are narrow, so a hallway can become an extra storage room. Make a whole wall out of them and store things like out-of-season socks and shoes, magazines, or knitting supplies. You can even get stick-on label holders so everyone knows where things belong.


  1. Double-duty furniture: If you have a small space, it’s a great idea for pieces to have dual purposes (this is what we have dubbed “smart furniture”): a coffee table that flips up for storage underneath, an ottoman with a removable lid to store an extra throw blanket, or a sofa bed for guests. If you use a small dresser as a side table, you’ll have a place for water at night and a home for your pajamas. Try this flip-up bed for some extra storage!


  1. Under-bed storage: If the flip-up version above isn’t for you, try using under-bed storage. You can get seal-tight plastic containers, soft zippered versions, or even DIY your own by adding casters to old drawers for a unique style. Go one step further and use these great Space Bags. You just vacuum the excess air out so your bulky comforter is now flat and protected from dust.


  1. Ikea Raskog cart: This little cart can provide it all: bedside table, kitchen storage, utility storage, and even a bar cart for dinner parties. It epitomizes multi-purpose!


These are just some of the ways you can pack a little more storage in. Need some more help? Give us a call! That’s why we’re here.


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